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38th BCS Exam Circular & Syllabus 2017

38th BCS Exam Circular & Syllabus 2017: Welcome to  38th BCS Exam Circular & Syllabus 2017. 38th BCS Exam Circular & Syllabus 2017  has been published recently on the official website of BPSC at www.bpsc.gov.bd. Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS ) Job is one of the most prestigious and deserved jobs for any Bangladeshi Citizen. BCS Exam is one of the most important public examinations of the country. Bangladesh Public Service Commission is the legal authority of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh to announce the 38th  BCS Circular and Syllabus 2017. BCS Exam is usually held with a view to selecting eligible candidates (Cadre & Non-cadre ) for different govt. jobs. 27 Cadres are recruited at present in Civil Service. Some of these are general and some are technical and some are general and technical/ Professional. Detailed information about 38th BCS Exam Circular & Syllabus 2017 is given below:

38th bcs circular 2017
Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) published 38th BCS Exam Circular on 20-June-2017 at www.bpsc.gov.bd (Official Website of BPSC). Bangladesh Public Service Commission or BPSC will recruit total 2,042 posts under different cadres according to 38th BCS Exam Circular and the demand for different ministry and department.Total Recommended posts are 2042. These are followings:-
1. Admin Cadre- 300
2. Police Cadre- 100
3. Foreign Cadre- 17
4. Tax Cadre- 9
5. Ansar Cadre- 31
6. Economic Cadre- 6
7. Audit and Accountant- 11
8. Postal Cadre- 7
9. Food Cadre- 5
10. Cooperatives- 2
11. Information Cadre- 34
12. Education Cadre- 927
13. Health Cadre - 226
14. Agriculture Cadre- 91
15. Fisheries Cadre- 52
16. Forest Cadre- 22
17. Public Works- 6
18. Railway Assistant Engineer Cadre- 5
19. Civil Engineer Cadre- 5
20. Statistics Cadre- 2

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38th BCS Preliminary Exam Date & Notice 2017

38th BCS Preliminary Exam Date  & Notice

38th BCS Exam Circular pdf download

1. Nota Bene:

(a) the number of any cadre’s post of the 38th BCS exam that has been discussed above may be increased because of creating a new post, promotion, retirement of officers, death, resign or suspend etc. 

(b) If a candidate who has foreign degree claims that his foreign degree is equivalent to the educational qualifications that are described beside the above-discussed posts of 38th BCS exam, he or she has to submit the attested copy of equivalence certificate given by the concerned equivalence committee with BPSC FORM-2 issued by Bangladesh Public Service Commission before starting written exam. The medical degree holders are requested to communicate with BMDC; Husbandry/ DVM degree holders with UGC/Veterinary Council and the degree holders of other subjects with UGC. The main copy of this certificate has to present in viva board before viva voce exam.

(c) If a candidate appears at the examination and passes with the demanded class/ grade, he or she will be eligible giving 38th BCS exam and even if his or her exam’s result does not publish before submitting the application for 38th BCS exam, he or she can fill up the application of 38th BCS exam through online, but it will be accepted temporarily. A candidate who will be considered as the dismounted candidate who has completed his or her all written exam of graduate or post-graduate period within the last date of accepting the application of 38th BCS exam or date – 10-08-2017. The attested copy of testimonial containing the beginning and ending date of the exam given by the corresponding controller of examination, the divisional chairman of University or the chief of educational institutions after publishing the result of written exam, the candidate has to submit the attested copy of testimonial in Bangladesh Public Service Commission with the hard copy of BPSC FORM-1 guided by Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC). The testimonial that does contain the beginning and ending date of graduate and postgraduate exam will not be acceptable. At the time of viva-voce exam of BCS, the candidate has to propound the main certificate and the main copy of testimonial as for the evidence of passing the exam. Otherwise, the viva voce exam will not be accepted and the candidate will be invalid. 

2. The form fills up (BPSC FORM-1) and the beginning and ending date of depositing the 38th BCS exam fees through online:

(a) Form fill up and the beginning date And time of depositing fees: 10/07/2017; 10:00 AM. 
(b) The last date and time of filling up the form: 10/08/ 2017; 6:00 PM.
(c) The last date and time of taking the application: Only the candidates obtained User ID can deposit fee through SMS (Following the guideline of paragraph no.9 of advertisement) within the next 72 hours ( or 13/08/2017; 6:00 PM).

N.B. The candidates are requested to deposit the fees according to the time referred (72 hours) in applicant’s copy. The candidates are also requested to finalize the payment of fees without waiting for the last date and time.

3. Age limit on June 1, 2017: 

(a) If the age limit of the candidates is below 21(Twenty-one) and above 30(Thirty) on the first date of the month when the advertisement is circulated by the commission, he/she will not be considered as worthy candidates of BCS examination.

(b) The applicants of all cadre’s age without freedom fighters, freedom fighters’ sons/ daughters, disabled candidates and BCS (Health) cadre applicants are from 21 to 30 (Birthdate: minimum-02-06-1996—Maximum- 02-06-1987)

(c) The freedom fighters’ sons/ daughters, disabled candidates and BCS (Health) cadre applicants’ age are from 21 to 32 (Birthdate: minimum-02-06-1996—Maximum- 02-06-1985)

(d) Only the tribal candidates of BCS (general education) cadres’ age are from 21 to 32.

4. Nationality :

The candidate must be Bangladeshi citizen. The candidate who has married a non-Bangladeshi, he or she will not be eligible for applying the 38th BCS exam without the written permission of Government. The candidate must submit the written permission letter of Government to BPSC FORM-2 after written examination.

5. Submitting the application for 38th BCS exam through online :

(a) The participating applicants in the preliminary test of 38th BCS exam have to apply following the given guideline of filling up the BPSC FORM-1 approved by only Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) in the way of the above discussed paragraph no. 9 of 38th BCS exam jobs circular with view to taking 38th BCS exam within a short time at the end of processing the application accepted in 38th BCS exam. Downloading more than one copy of the filling BPSC FORM-1, the candidates should preserve themselves for submitting it in the time fixed by Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC). After downloading the BPSC FORM-1 submitted in online from Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC)’s website www.bpsc.gov.bd and after publishing the result of written exam of the 38th BCS exam by Commission, the candidates have to submit the BPSC FORM-1 with the all papers according to the above-discussed paragraph no-14 of this advertisement.

6. BPSC FORM-1 fill up in online:

(a) Filling the BPSC FORM-1 fixed by Commission through Teletalk BD Ltd’s web address: http://hpsc. Teletalk.com.bd or Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC)’s website www.bpsc.gov.bd, the candidates have to complete the online registration and fee submission activities. Opening the above-referred website, the advertisement of the 38th BCS exam and the guideline of filling up the application in online and the application form’s (BPSC FORM-1) radio button fixed for the post 3 categories that are made on the basis of cadre option will be visible. The guideline of filling up the form containing 15 pages will have given to Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC)’s website www.bpsc.gov.bd. Downloading the part of this instruction before filling up the form, the candidates can bring under control well. There are 3 categories on the basis of cadre choice, For Example: 
I. Application form for general cadre,
II. Application form for technical cadre/ professional cadre,
III. Application form for general cadre and technical/ professional( both)cadre, 
(b) If candidates are willing to be only general cadre, the application form of general cadre (BPSC FORM-1) will be visible after clicking the radio button of application form general cadre. Similarly, the BPSC FORM-1 fixed for both cadre [general cadre and technical/ professional (both) cadre] will be visible after clicking the 3rd radio button fixed for both cadres. Every part of BPSC FORM-1 when it is visible has to fill up according to the given instruction. There are 3 parts of BPSC FORM-1: Part-1- personal information, Part-2- educational qualification, Part-3- cadre option. Following the part of instructions for submitting the application and the given information/ guideline of BPSC FORM-1, the BPSC FORM-1 has to be filled up.

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7. Declaration

The candidates have to declare on the part of the online application that the given all information of the application is right and true. If the given information is wrong and false or any disqualification or involving with any corruption before or after the exam at any stage, the candidates will be considered as invalid and in future the candidates will be considered as disqualified for applying any exam taken by Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) and the Commission can take legal action against him/ her. The admit card will be given to the applicant considering eligible temporarily for the preliminary test according to the declaration given by the applicant. After passing the preliminary test, the applicant has to submit the certificate/ testimonial that is referred to the BPSC FORM-1 with BPSC FORM-2 before the written exam on the basis of the guideline of paragraph-14 of this advertisement. If the applicant fails to submit it, he or she will be considered as invalid. 

8. Fee submission according to BCS ( Age, Qualification and Examination for direct appointment) Rules-2014 [9 (4) (a)(b)] :

After filling up the application form ( BPSC FORM-1) properly by uploading applicant’s photo and signature in online, the application preview with photo will be seen on the computer. After submitting the application correctly, the will get an applicant’s copy with a User ID attached photo and signature. The photo and signature of the applicant must be visible. The applicant should preserve the applicant’s copy by printing or downloading it. There is a User ID in applicant’s copy and using this User ID the applicant will pay the fee tk.700 of 38th BCS exam through SMS by Teletalk prepaid mobile number according to the BCS rule-2014 [9 (4) (a)]. The tribal, disabled, 3rd gendered applicant will pay the fee tk.100 instead of tk.700 according to the BCS rule-2014 [9 (4) (b)].

Method of Fee Submission:

1st SMS: BCS <space>User ID and send 16222. Example: BCS PIHTCBTP

Reply: Applicant’s Name, Tk-700(tk.100 for Physically Handicapped, Ethnic minority group and 3rd gender group) will be Charged as Application Fee. Your PIN is (8 digit number) 12345****.

To Pay Fee, type BCS Space Yes Space PIN and send to 16222.

2nd SMS: BCS <space>Yes<Space>PIN send 16222. Example: BCS YES 12345678

Reply: Congratulations! Applicant’s Name, payment completed successfully for 38th BCS Examination. Your User ID is(xxxxxyyy) and Password (xxxxyyyy).

N.B. : If You lost your Password, Please Type BCS<Space>HELP<Space>SSC Board <Space> SSC Roll<Space>SSC Year and send to 16222.


After completing the fill up of part-1, part-2 and part-3 of BPSC FORM-1 successfully, the application preview will be seen. The applicant has to upload a color photo [300*300 pixel (not more or less)] by scanning with the file size ( not more than 100 KB). The white-black photo will not be accepted. The improper size of the photo will be invalid. The application will be void if application copy does not contain any photo. Click Help menu on the Home page, you will get in details about photo and signature.

10. Signature:

The applicant has to upload a signature [300*80 pixel (not more or less)] by scanning with the file size ( not more than 60 KB). The signature will be invalid if it is not placed properly in application copy.

11. Admit Card:

After getting a User ID and a password, the applicant can download admit card with a registration number got automatically from the computer. The registration number is given below on the basis of the different exam center range:-

Center                  :      Range of registration number
(a) Dhaka             :         000001-199999
(b) Rajshahi         :         200001-299999
(c) Chittagong      :        300001-399999
(d) Khulna            :        400001-499999
(e) Barisal             :        500001-599999
(f) Sylhet               :       600001-699999
(g) Rangpur           :       700001-799999
(h) Mymensingh    :       800001-899999

12. A candidate cannot submit Online Application Form more than one after paying the fee finally and getting the admit card.

13. Receipt and submit the BPSC FORM-1: 

Only the passing applicant of the preliminary test has to download the BPSC FORM-1 of 38th BCS exam-2017 from Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC)’s website www.bpsc.gov.bd. After filling up the BPSC FORM-1 properly/ the candidate has to submit with following certificate/ documents at the time and place fixed by Commission.

(a) The applicant has to attach 3 copies passport size attested by a first class gazetted officer as well as applicant’s signature in the BPSC FORM-1.

(b) The applicant has to submit main certificate/ provisional certificate issued by Board and University as proof of educational qualifications at the time of viva-voce Exam.

(c) The applicant has to submit SSC/Equivalence exam’s attested main certificate/ provisional certificate issued by Board as the proof of age but the deed proof referred birth date is needed for O’ Level and A’ Level candidate.

(d) A Master’s degree from any recognized university or a degree that requires at least 4 (four) years of education after passing Higher Secondary Certificate (H.S.C) Examination or equivalent provided that a candidate having more than one-third division/class in his academic career shall not be eligible.

(e) If a candidate appeared at any examination that is threshold level for BCS examination, she/he will be able to apply, provided that all written examination would have been completed by the deadline for submitting application

Download BCS Preliminary New Syllabus:

Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) has changed the BCS Preliminary Syllabus and BCS Written Syllabus from the 35th BCS Examination. BCS Syllabus is most important for BCS Examinees who are wanted to be a BCS Cadre in future. BCS Syllabus will be helped the BCS Candidates to take BCS Preparation easily and with interruption.

The syllabus of preliminary Multiple Choice (MCQ) examination has been introduced covering ten areas as-
Sl. No.     Name of the subjects                           Marks distribution
1. Bengali Language and Literature                                35
2. English Language and Literature                                35
3. Bangladesh Affairs                                                     30
4. International Affairs                                                   20
5. Geography, Environment and Disaster Management 10
6. General Science                                                           15
7. Computer and Information Technology                      15
8. Mathematical Reasoning                                             15
9. Mental Ability                                                              15
10. Ethics, Values and Good governance                        10
                                                                              Total = 200

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