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We are Arte & Ramgopal, a husband and wife team. Welcome to Presentation Process!
If you are a business presenter, and looking to makeover your critical slides fast, you are in the right place. We share creative ideas to makeover business presentations fast.

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I send your emails to my entire staff, as a professional development tutorial for them. And they love them!  Thanks for sharing your knowledge, it’s a great help for those who can’t stand death by PowerPoint.

Jef Gray

#1 Top Tutorial Sections:

Diagram Tutorials

2D & 3D PowerPoint Diagrams

Animation Effects

Using Animation Effects

Animation Effects

Data Driven Charts in PowerPoint

#2: Popular Tutorials & Creative Ideas

I’ve been enjoying your tips and emails; the techniques will help liven up my PowerPoint presentations. I appreciate the amount of useful information you’re able to impart in a short amount of time. Well done.

Roland Garton

#3 Ready To Use Creative PowerPoint Templates

750+ PowerPoint Charts & Diagrams CEO Pack 1

For: Any Business Presentation
Contains a wide range of Creative Diagrams in 63 categories.

​​​​750+ Advance Animated Templates for PowerPoint

PowerPoint Animations Pack

For: Training & Medical presentations. 
Tell a story and engage your audience with custom animated templates. 

320+ Visual Data-Driven Graphs Pack for PowerPoint

Visual Graphs Pack

For: Project Management, Reports, & MIS Present your performance reports powerfully with Data-Driven Graphs & Infographics

​​​​750+ Flat Design Templates Pack for PowerPoint

For: Marketing, Business Presentations 
Clean Fresh and Modern Flat Design templates for use in any type of presentation

Bundle & Save! Get Comprehensive All In One Bundle

4020+ PowerPoint Templates including Editable Graphics, Tables, Data-Driven Charts, Graphs, Infographics, Consulting Models, Creative Metaphors, Picture Placeholders, Background Themes & Icons

Comprehensive All In One Bundle

#4: Structured Training for PowerPoint

Comprehensive: Ramgopal's PowerPoint Mastery Program

Learn PowerPoint with step-by-step screen cast videos. Contains 10 different structured PowerPoint training programs. New content added regularly.

NEW: Medical PowerPoint Templates+Training + Resources Bundle

Convert your boring text-based slides, blog articles or research papers into clear & beautiful visual slides - even if you have zero Design skills, zero PowerPoint skills & very little time - using our ‘4-step Neuro Slide Design System for Medical Presentations’.

Create Medical Slides You Feel Proud to Present Using the Breakthrough Slide Design System created using proven Brain research principles

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